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Emilio's Mission

a speech by Irma Carranza July, 2000
2001 All rights reserved.

Dear Friends,

Emilio had a mission 72 years ago. Contrary to what is commonly thought, that mission was not the accomplishment of an amazing feat or even less the desire to become a hero.

The mission was humble and noble. He wanted to repay a gesture of the American Government, made in the person of another great man, in another great flight. Charles Lindbergh had flown to Mexico in a goodwill journey through Latin America. There, in Mexico, both men met and instantly became friends. How could they not, when they shared the same passion, the same character, and the same nobility of spirit.

Emilio was already then, and in his own right, in the path to greatness. Scarcely 22 years of age, he had already flown several extraordinary flights, establishing groundbreaking milestones. But this time the calling was of another nature. Mexicans and Americans needed desperately to improve their relationship; we were so close and at the same time so far apart from each other. Like Lindbergh and Carranza, we also share the same simple dreams, the same simple aspirations.

There was a breach however, and in some sense there still is. For some reason we have not been able to realize that it's easier to make our common journey together, as good neighbors, as good friends.

That was the true goal of Emilio Carranza. Like his flight, his goal was only completed half way.

It is in his memory and in our interest that we are obligated to complete his voyage and fulfill his dream.

Thank You.

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